Dr Fabiola Martin


Dr Fabiola Martin is a Sexual Health, HIV and HTLV specialist. She is one of the two Sexual Health Physicians and one of three in Queensland. She has been working in this field since 1998 in the UK and moved to Brisbane in 2017.


Dr Fabiola has been a clinical academic and medical educator since 1997.

Improving patients’ experience of their sexual and mental health, while providing up-to-date research informed care are two main motivators of her practice. She provides clinical advice and care for adults, pregnant women and children; specifically, for groups of people at higher risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. adolescents, Indigenous People, migrants, refugees, sex workers, LBGTI, Travellers, drug users, trafficked people etc.). She also provides partner and family testing and treatment where deemed necessary.


Dr Fabiola is passionate about supporting transgender people on their journey to achieve optimal well-being.She has expertise in providing care to people worried about or living with Human T Leukaemia Virus (HTLV) as well as HIV, HBV and HCV.

Dr Fabiola supports women and girls seeking reproductive health advice (conception/contraception/TOP) and provide care for women, who have undergone female genital cutting. Comprehensive care is provided to people seeking advice on sexual dysfunction or chronic or acute pelvic pain.